The Barnaul Distillery was founded in 1899 and now it is one of the biggest factories in West Siberia. The distillery is provided with modern Hi-Tech equipment. The spirits are bottled in 4 automatic and 2 semi-automatic German production lines. The universal equipment allows to operate bottles differing by volume from 0.2l to 1.75l.

The enterprise uses only high-quality ecologically friendly raw materials. For spirits production, only grain spirits “Extra”, “Luxe’ and “Alfa” and specially purified crystal clear water are used. Highly qulified specialists working in the laboratory provided with modern monitoring devices, the “Chromopac” chromatograph among them, supervise the quality of the raw materials and the final products.

The range of products of the Barnaul Distillery includes over 60 articles – vodkas, brandies, balsams, soft drinks. The high quality of the alcoholic drinks is certified by 94 medals of International and Russian exhibitions, among them there are 46 Gold medals. The vodka “Surprise of Altay” has won the Quality Certificate of Chicago Testing Institute “Tastings”, the vodka “Moya Dorogaya” is awarded with the silver medal of the World Vodka Contest in San-Francisco. The vodkas “Teletskaya Gold.Luxe”, “Teletskaya Crystal.Luxe” and “Siberia” as well as the balsam “Sedoy Altay” have diplomas of the contest “100 Best Russian Commodities “. 21 products of the Distillery are honored to be called “The Best Altay Commodity”.
The Barnaul Distillery sells its vodkas with Germany and the USA. In Europe the Distillery’s products may be bought through the “Metro” wholesaler. Among the enterprises of Rosspirtprom the Barnaul Distillery is the biggest exporter of vodka.